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December 2022 Tea Gift Set

As our anniversary year comes to a close, we finish out this final offer with three of our Citizen favorite classic black teas: Ginger Peach, Vanilla Almond and Earl Greyer. In 1992, The Republic of Tea began the Tea Revolution and since then, our loyal Citizens have given us the great honor of enjoying premium teas and herbs, sip by sip. Ginger Peach black tea is a longtime favorite blend of fine black tea, lush, ripe peaches and spicy ginger. Vanilla Almond black tea steeps a full-bodied cup of black tea, smooth Madagascar vanilla and notes of almond. Earl Greyer black tea is a classic blend of black tea and top-grade oil of bergamot.

Thank YOU for sipping with us.

Enter to win an TEA-riffic boxed set of three classic black teas: Ginger Peach, Vanilla Almond, and Earl Greyer.

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